3 Simple Steps to Increase Social Conversions



3 Simple Steps To Social Media Conversions.
With communities like Twitter limiting you to just 140 characters you must connect with your customer quickly and clearly. Using these three steps I’ll show you how to quickly engage with your customer and turn a follower into a buyer. These steps can also be applied outside of social media but today I just want to focus on cutting through the noise that comprises most of “social media”.

1. Identify the Problem.

Step one is simple: Identify the problem to which you have the solution! Explain the gap that exists and how your product or service will make their life easier, better, or simply more convenient. Find the value you are bringing and convey that value as clearly and concisely as possible.

2. “I know right?!”

Step two I like to call the “I know, right?” This is where, after you’ve identified the problem, you agree that this is in fact an issue that needs to be solved. The “I know right” creates a bond or a “team” with you and the potential customer and you are now on an important mission to solve the problem together.
For example, we recently worked on a product called the “Helix Shaker” and here is a very simple example of how we successfully implemented the “I Know, Right?!”

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.18.45 PM

The content doesn’t have to be amazing when the problem is real and relatable! With the Helix we solved the simple yet huge problem of having a supplement shaker that smells terrible after a couple uses, I related with the potential customer and together we fixed it.

3. Solution
Step three: provide a solution. You have now identified the gap, teamed up with your customer (who is ready to solve the problem) now you just need to hand over the solution. Place your call to action here! Your goal or conversion can be anything from a sale to an email signup or even a social share. Just be sure that whatever you are selling actually provides value or does what you claim it does!

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Thanks for reading now go put it to use!

  1. Cherol Ockrassa 3 years ago

    Love your tee tubes. Perfect gift for my college student.
    Rocking advice too. Thanks.
    Hope you like outrageous art with an important message. I think we all need awesome art that invites us to think more, don’t you?

    • Profile photo of Tim Author
      Tim 3 years ago

      Thanks @cherol!

      I’m glad you agree 🙂

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