Are You Using Banned Hashtags On Instagram?

Banned Hashtags

Instagram just celebrated its 7th birthday and crossed over 700 million users. With that much growth comes heaps of success, but it also attracts hoards of spammers. With over 40 billion images you are guaranteed to have some less than desirable content, including the #NSFW (Not Safe For Work) niche.

To combat this, Instagram started banning hashtags they deemed inappropriate and as of October 2017 that list has reached over 60,000 tags!  Many of these are being used by accident. For example, “Kansas” is a pretty unexpected hashtag to make the ban list, but the next time you take a dope selfie in Wichita and tag it with #Kansas your post will be hidden!

“Glove” is another surprise addition to the banned list. You can show off those new mittens you bought, just don’t tag them. On top of the banned list (including #dogsofinstagram… I know right?) not only are the banned tags going to be blocked but by using just one banned hashtag all of your other hashtags from that post will be hidden as well!

You can check your go-to tags HERE & HERE thanks to Nick Drewe but be careful this is not the full list and it is constantly being updated.


How Do I Find Out If A Hashtag Has Been Banned?!


  1. Search the hashtag before you use it in your post.

This can be tedious but it’s much better than eliminating the chance for new users to see your content. Start out with a simple search.

All seems normal right?

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 1.29.11 PM


2. Scroll to the bottom of the posts.
Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 1.29.21 PM

Some searches will show just a few images, others will not show any, but When you see that warning “because the community has reported some content may not meet Instagrams community guidelines” that means the tag has been banned!

3. Avoid that tag! 

Go through your list of tags and make sure that nothing you are using has been banned!

You don’t want to lose all those likes right?!


Would you like to grow your Instagram account?

Do you have any questions or have you found any banned hashtags that we missed?
Leave a comment below! 




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