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Eons, July’s Tee Tube design, is by far one of my favorites.


Eons ties in perfectly with last months “Neptune” although this tee has a very serious meaning we wanted to try and tell the story in a more light hearted way. So Joel, Jeff, and myself set off in our own first annual .free clothing co Olympics.

We battled intensely through 5 events.

  1. Batting Cages
  2. Putt Putt Golf
  3. Ski Ball
  4. This Weird Game Where You Throw Balls At Clowns
  5. Pop a Shot Basketball (it turns out this one was broken)

But more on that later…

Here is our attempt at slow pitch soft ball and explaining the last 8 years of our lives…



This tee means a lot to us (I mean they all do) but most significantly this tee represent the importance in change and the ability to recognize when you need to drastically alter (or in some cases stop completely) the direction you are headed.

Just because you have been doing something for so long does not mean you need to keep doing it, and just because you have not yet done something does not mean it is too late to start.

I cannot stress the weight that this idea carries. So many people cripple themselves because of a small mistake or choice they’ve made and let it hold them back from the life they truly want to live. Do not let yourself get caught up in the fear that surrounds a mistake. Learn from your mistakes, and keep trying until you find it!

We hope that Eons helps inspire you to alter something in your life. For some of you we hope that Eons inspires you to take that leap that you have been excusing your way out of for way too long. Go do something that scares you, leave yourself no safety net and you have no choice but to succeed!

If you want something, go make it happen 🙂


As always,

Love People // Live .Free.


Tim & Joel


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