It’s Not Me, It’s You…


“Call me when you land!”

I yelled to my little sis as I slid into the back seat of my freshly hailed Chicago cab.

“She doesn’t want a cab to the airport?!”

“No she’s set, her car is on the way”

The driver turned on his meter and looked at me as if I had canceled his birthday party.

“Hey man! How’s your day going?”

“Those ride shares are ruining our business man!”

Points to a few über drivers waiting for pick up

“Oh yeah? The residence side of the Hancock Tower please.”

I don’t technically live in Chicago, but I also don’t, not live in Chicago. I split my time pretty evenly between Columbus and Chicago (I guess I really like cities that start with “C”?!?) and the rest of my time I spend on the road (I love it but that is another story). The point being, I know my way around… He pulled off into traffic and we were on our way.

We took a completely inefficient route avoiding any short cut and focusing on only the larger, pedestrian scattered, traffic jammed roads until he turned the wrong way, away from my door.

“Hey just curious, where you headed?”

Incoherent babble with some added pointing for good measure

“Ok wait no, just drop me here it’s a back.. no, back that way”

“Oh, I thought you said the residences, there is a residence over there”

Mind you, we are in the middle of river north, there is literally a residence, EVERYWHERE he just decided not to go to mine… It’s ok a little exercise never hurt me, I pay the $11.00 (via square on his cell phone) a few min pass, and I’m on my way.


Please bear with me I swear I am not complaining!

BUT, let’s revisit that “Those ride shares are ruining our business man!” statement…

2 hours after this experience I needed to go visit a mailing tubes factory to try and fix our TeeTubes end caps popping off during shipping issue! (but that is yet another story)

The tube factory is about a 15 min drive from my place, double the distance of my $11 cab ride, and it cost me $4.99 to get there via über. Not only was it 45% of the cost but we took the most efficient route, I had a pleasant conversation, and best of all I did not have to give the professional driver directions. We arrived on time, I fixed my tube problem, and then hired another über driver to take me home.

The drive home was almost identical to the first and I was pleasantly delivered back to my door!

So Is über really ruining the cab business? Or is the cab business just not adapting and instead of improving, complaining about it?

Are you über in this scenario, or are you the cab company?





These things are not stationary, they are always moving, always changing, morphing into new forms. To stay on top you have to be agile and change with them!


BUT, when it does get hard, don’t be like that cab driver and blame others when executing his job poorly was his real problem.

He is creating an experience that does not warrant repeat business.

Be like über, and find a new way to solve an old problem, provide value, and the success will follow.

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  1. Mark 12 months ago

    Tim: so good! Exactly what I needed today in the midst of changing some of me but also some of the things I lead. Appreciate it!

    • Profile photo of Tim Author
      Tim 12 months ago

      Thanks Mark!
      Your feedback means a lot, I’m glad it could help!

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