kinda packing mostly procrastinating…


so it is 2:20 AM and I am supposed to be packing, except i’m not.

I’m sitting in my underwear procrastinating and pretending I don’t need to get on a flight to Chicago.


What a beautiful city right?

I travel all the time but when I’m home I don’t get out enough.

It was like 12 degrees the other day and i’d like to blame it mostly on that but i’ve been living in quite the bubble lately. I want to tell you all about why you shouldn’t do that but that’s for later.

Am I using too many contractions? I feel I’ve been pretty over contracting lately…

regardless, I’m driving earlier today, simply to get out of the house, and one of my old bands came on Spotify. The nostalgia hit me like I imagine student loan payments, overwhelming and all at once. As I listened to the rest of the song I felt sad, almost as if I was mourning the death of the me who was playing on this record, mourning the loss of the experiences, the potential, and the accomplishment. For me, there is no worse feeling than “is this it?” and today I was experiencing that feeling, as if I had already done “it” and there was no more.

Now the point of this anti-packing, time sucking rambling is I could not have been more wrong!

Maybe you’re like me and view great things in your past as “dead” or “over” (which they very well may be) however, they happened! and should not be treated as lost.

Do not mourn the past – Celebrate it!

Celebrate that once in a lifetime experience that you were fortunate enough to have, celebrate the memory and build from it. Everything you are today and everything you are working for has been built on those past experiences.

So I guess what i realized today during my aimless “get out of the house” drive is either i’m crazy or maybe there might be a few people out there dealing with a similar situation (I hope it’s the latter) and if so, I hope that I can help you to see

    • 1. That you’re certainly not alone
    • 2. You’re not alone.

Ok well I really should go pack so that I don’t have to get on this plane with no clothes…

I don’t want to end with something ridiculously cliche like “it’s not the destination but the journey that matters” but I am going to tell you that no matter where you are headed, make sure you enjoy the road along the way.



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