Moments are not stories // Waimea Falls Hawaii

It’s hard to exist in a moment.

I struggle to take in and experience NOW instead of worrying about what has already happened or looking forward to an event that has not yet taken place. In-between these two infinities sits a very brief and often forgotten moment called “Peace”.

In the Spring of 2004 Joel & I were finishing out our senior year and thanks to a crazy series of events (Thanks Yung Chan!) our high school senior trip turned into eight days in Hawaii. (I know right?!)  We did everything you could imagine from snorkeling through crystal clear water, to hiking to the top of the highest peak on Oahu, and who could forget epic failures attempting to surf the North Shore. (side note: I almost forgot! we found two AMAZING thrift stores our favorite was “88Tees” keep in mind this was days and 88Tees was one of the most influential thrift stores in the birth of .free clothing. More on that later…) One “moment” really stuck with us and reminiscing as i type this brings a huge smile to my face. We travelled to a waterfall on the North Shore called Waimea Falls and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever experienced.

(This photo is from that day and includes every guy in my senior class. Yeah, we had a HUGE school…)

waimae falls


Moments are not stories.

The time we spent swimming up into the waterfall, walking around the park, hanging out with peacocks, and spending simple, quality time with our friends was one of the most peaceful experiences I can remember. There were no notifications pushing me away from living in that moment, I wasn’t worried about the past or the future. I just existed in that exact moment, we were there and it was beautiful.


Moments like these are what inspired “Hidden

Fast forward 10 years and as I “grow up” responsibilities, obligations, and expectations take over the moments where I could just exist and be at peace. Take a moment today and just exist, turn of your phone, laptop, ipad, kindle, whatever, and just exist.


– @TimTrad





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