New York City & An Update On “Boxed”


I Spent the weekend in New York City with some of my favorite people. A few days away from social media and emails was just what I needed!

Now I’m back and ready for June! We are getting all caught up on our videos and will have the story behind last months tee “Boxed” up this week!


Until then, what is your favorite city in the U.S. and why?




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  1. Profile photo of Tim Author
    Tim 3 years ago

    I honestly think NYC is my favorite city in the U.S. to visit. I love how everyone is dressed like they are headed to a photo shoot at all times.

    Chicago is a close second.

  2. Profile photo of Jason Westbrook
    Jason Westbrook 3 years ago

    I like Columbus, Ohio because it’s a great place for coffee, business and networking. Not bad too for raising a family.

    #freeclothingco #cbus #bigcitysmalltown @tim

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