TeeTubes_016 // Risk


Unsure, my heart was beating heaps faster than normal but I couldn’t let it show. Standing about 45 feet in the air with my back facing the ocean and staring directly into a steady stream of water falling over the edge I found myself so carefully perched upon.

When is the last time you did something scary? Truly terrifying?
You know, where you are kind of sure things will be ok, but not really…

Normally in this situation, I would jump at least once to judge the distance and to make sure I had timed my rotation properly, but the climb back up would take too long, and people were watching me, plus a number of other excuses, so I just went for it…


Being prepared for something is always a great idea, in theory. However, sometimes it can become more of an anchor holding you back than it is helpful in actually moving forward.

You can spend your whole life over-thinking and over-preparing or you could spend that same life over-achieving. The choice is yours.

I jumped and rotated as normal but as I spotted my landing I quickly noticed there was too much space between me and the surface, I broke the plane of the water with the back of my legs instead of the bottom of my feet. It hurt, but it was amazing and more than worth it.

You can spend an infinite amount of time gathering information to make an “educated” guess but nothing is going to force you to learn and adapt faster than simply jumping in.

This 45-foot backflip off a cliff in Australia inspired the design and the video we filmed for it. Check it out and the join #TeeTubes here http://teetubes.freeclothing.co/ 🙂


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