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My dad used to always test my knowledge of survival skills with questions about what I would do in bizarre and confounding circumstances.

I now have all this semi-useless trivia floating around my head. I say “trivia,” but it’s more like stories or scenarios.

I’ve you ever find yourself camping in a wide open field and you notice a brush fire approaching on the horizon, what do you do? The wind is rushing pushing the fire towards you at such a great speed that you know you can’t run to escape it.

I could tell you what the “answer” is, but the more important question is, why am I camping in the middle of a field all by myself?

The point is that my Dad loves me and wants me to be prepared for life. This apparently includes life in the zombie-apocalypse, but I digress.

Forest fires occur naturally. They’re part of life. Someone smarter than me can probably describe how forest fires actually help forests and encourage new growth.

Naturally occurring forest fires are typically small.

Enter Humans – Stage Left

In order to protect our stuff, humans have done a pretty good job of figuring out how to quench these naturally occurring forest fires. This is great in the short-term, but given enough time, brush and tinder build up in the forest, and large-scale, massively destructive fires happen.



The most uncomfortable word in the English language is “no.”

At least it is for me. I say yes to everything. New jobs, new projects, new friends, new opportunities. I intervein in the naturally occurring decay of activities and instead of focusing my attention on the essentials. I want it all (Thanks Freddie Mercury).

I’m not an expert in fixing this. If anything, this design is a cry for help.

I don’t know how to turn it off or focus. Yes, yes, yes.

I know it’s a problem, and I know that one day this will culminate in some life-altering calamity.

So, until I figure out what the right balance is, I will let this serve as a reminder to, every once in a while, do a controlled burn. To let go of some tasks, some things, some pressures.

I want to live at peace, and sometimes that means setting a fire.



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