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We used to tell stories.

We used to communicate.

But this is my first post in almost a year. That’s not fair to you, nor is there a justifiable excuse.

On June 23rd 2017, my wife gave birth to our first child and all of my fears and insecurities came rushing together. It was like the Big Bang, but then, without effort or really even knowing it, something changed. Trying to describe what changed it like trying to tell you what it’s like to been drugs or drunk. I can explain it until I’ve exhausted myself, but until you’ve experienced it, there’s really not much I can say.

The symptoms of this change, however, have been monumental. I don’t think about things the same way. I don’t value things the same way. I care a little bit less about the things I used to be passionate about and I care a whole lot more about things I used to be terrified of.

After all, how can you be terrified of this level of cuteness!?


But this design isn’t about having a kid. This design is about life. It’s about change.

If you’ve been apart of our Teetubes community, we’ve talked about what changes us. What things actually sway our opinions. And this shirt is about growing up and embracing your of opinions and beliefs. I have been going through a time of discovery in my own life. I’ve been looking at my own beliefs through new lenses and my worldview has been drastically shifted.

What is up used to be down.

And just like Ezra, I find being upside-down exhilarating.

I’m an INTP on the Myers Briggs chart (or at least that’s the closest type, but I flip to INFP sometimes). That makes me Yoda for you nerds out there. Here’s the thing about “T” types with an introverted bent, Introverted Thinkers have a sick cyclical style of thinking that is like a hadron collider of thoughts and memories. Our ideas and mental processes go round and round in our heads constantly, the moment we encounter a new piece of information that we can verify to be true, we then have to go back and reevaluate all the other thoughts. Naturally, this causes some collisions and the resulting calamity has to be rectified. So if I told you that George Washington owned slaves for 56 years, that he was a founding member of the Unites States, that slavery is now considered a crime and is morally deplorable, and that the United States has been a traditionally moral country; you must now decide that one of the items above is at least not entirely true.

I’m not saying this argument is bulletproof, I’m just trying to make an analogy. Because this is essentially what we go through as we grow and gain knowledge.

I think doubt and chaos is a good thing.

It’s good because doubt makes us question our beliefs, chaos makes us reach for solid ground. Questioning your beliefs if fantastic, BECAUSE it will force you to either solidify those beliefs though intentional thought and investigation, or it will allow you to move on from beliefs in things that are false. Chaos is good because it shows you weather the thing you thought you could rely on are dependable or not.

Ezra’s world in the picture above is full of doubt and chaos. He has no grounds to believe that he will be either held on to or dropped. His mind literally isn’t processing dependability, it’s not something we develop until later.  Ezra is unfazed though. He’s having the time of his life (literally).

Wear this shirt when life tosses you upside down. And smile.



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