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I went skydiving one time. I was so excited to jump that I was the first one on the plane. Little did I know that being the first on meant that you’re the last one off. The anticipation was almost as big of a rush as jumping was.

We climbed to 15,000 feet and the airplane made its way above the drop zone. The rest of the jumpers made their way out of the door and I and my tandem buddy waddled our way closer and closer to the open door.

They teach you how to position your body before jumping and even have you practice before you even get on the plane. You know the position; arms out to your sides making Ls parallel with your torso, back arched, legs bent at the knees. They tell you that when it’s time to jump you basically just instantly go into that position and fall forward.

I think my human backpack had asked me if I was scared or something, to which I replied “no,” because when we exited the aircraft, he gave me a little gift I wasn’t expecting. He flipped us upside down (I like being upside-down remember?) and we watched the airplane decrease in size until it was almost invisible.

You know that feeling you get when you drive too fast over a hill? Like your stomach is up too high and being tickled from the inside? I have no idea if you get that feeling when you skydive. My adrenaline was at full throttle and my senses were overloaded to the point of uselessness.

Once you reach terminal velocity (about 120 mph, approximately 15 seconds from your leap into the abyss), you stop accelerating. If there was a feeling of falling, it’s gone now. You feel like you’re laying on a bed of air. It’s just really really windy. I remember looking down and it felt like we weren’t moving at all. Like we were frozen in the sky.

Life doesn’t stop. Even after you die, there’s the process of decay, there’s the memories that fade from the miss and mouths of your loved ones, there’s the last time someone says your name, and eventually there’s the repurposing of your cells into new life.

Life doesn’t slow either. I’ve had epiphanous moments that felt like time froze, but really, life only seems to accelerate.

Life has no terminal velocity.

The older I get the faster life passes me by. I’m sure you’ve felt this.

This design is about that. It’s about how life comes at you fast and relentlessly. Your goals and dreams never seem to get closer (like the ground when you skydive), but the past flies by and slowly become forgotten history.

I don’t think of this as negative, it’s just reality. And like stones in a river, our hard edges can get smoothed out as time refines who we are.

When you don this tee, take time to feel the wind. Be present to your current time, relish in times past, and hope patiently for those goals that will, as sure as the gravity, have their time.


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