Teetubes_018 // The Dip

The Dip

I have this friend, let’s call him Matt.
His name is Matt.

Matt and I are very similar, for many years we were basically the same person. We are extremely competitive and I think that made our relationship even stronger. If you do not have someone to push you, you are not reaching your full potential. You should always strive to be the worst in your circles. It’s humbling, but you will be forced to grow and get better.

I want to be the worst musician in the band.


Matt bought this car, A 1999 silver Honda Civic 4 door. We absolutely loved that car (and then eventually sold it to Joel’s now very pregnant wife, Angie. But that is yet another story…) We once piled 15 people into and on top of that Civic and drove it around a church parking lot, for 2 miles, just to watch the odometer turn over exactly 100,000 miles. It was amazing.

That beautiful little chariot was named “The Dip”


“The Cul-de-Sac ( French for “dead end” ) … is a situation where you work and work and work and nothing much changes”
― Seth Godin


I didn’t bring you here to tell you all about an 18-year-old car, the “Dip” I’m referring to, is the section in your journey where the success or reward for all of your efforts decreases.

When you start out, there is always a quick reward, often small and simple, but still very fulfilling. You will soon stall, the thrill leaves and the excitement dies. Things will get difficult.

This is called “The Dip”

The Dip.00_00_21_02.Still001

You WILL experience this and when you do you can either QUIT or you can CHANGE. 

“Quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers.”

There is nothing wrong with quitting! In fact, quitting may save your life. There is nothing noble about beating away at a dead horse, or in this case driving in circles in life’s “cul de sac”.

How do you get out of this “Dip”?

The Dip.00_00_48_21.Still002

#TeeTubes is a direct result of our own “Dip”

Joel and I drove around in our own cul de sac dip for waaaaaay too long before we actually did something about it.

This design directly represents our failures in that experience and we hope that you can learn from our mistakes! Ultimately saving you so much time and energy.

Not everything you try will succeed, but:

  • Keep trying
  • Keep exploring
  • Keep climbing

and you will succeed.

“Persistent people are able to visualize the idea of light at the end of the tunnel when others can’t see it”

The Dip


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